Support is where majority of healthcare IT providers have failed miserably. Our customers tell us that we listen & are friendly. As you would expect, we provide full support in normal office hours and emergency support for the whole time your practice is open. We set up formal Service Level Agreements with all of our clients, so that expectations are aligned and in line with the needs of the practice.

During and after implementation, is the period when the majority of support is required. We stay in contact with you all the time to make sure that you are happy with the service and provide on-site support for you or your staff.

Security, Privacy, Usability, Features, Speed, Support, Service, Reliability and Safety are all words that come to mind while selecting a Healthcare IT Service. Your patient records need to be safe and HealthLink Infosystems will make sure it is maintained. We provide a secure systems design & architecture of the overall systems in such a way that play a vital role in protecting your patients data, practice and even Medico-legal Cases.

We will aid in maintaining compliancy within your medical practice by advising and encorporating vital features to keep the patient data secure. Additionally with our support you can take better care for your patient and their medical records.