International Faculty

  • Dr. Arnab Seal, UK
  • Dr. Mohan Belthur, USA

National Faculty

  • Dr. G. Shashikala
  • Dr. M. Mahadevaiah
  • Dr. Ashok. N. Johari
  • Dr. A. K. Purohit
  • Dr. Asha M Chitnis
  • Mr. K. D. Mallikarjuna
  • Mr. Dhruv Mehta
  • Dr. Sakti Prasad Das
  • Dr. Anaita Hegde
  • Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy
  • Dr. Neepa Thacker
  • Dr. Ramesh Murthy
  • Dr. Sameer Dalwai
  • Dr. Shoba Srinath
  • Dr. Anand Pandit
  • Dr. Surekha Rajadhyaksha
  • Dr. Suneel Godbole
  • Dr. Umesh Kalane
  • Dr. Leena Srivastava
  • Dr. Ashish Ranade
  • Dr. Sameer Desai
About Us

We take great pleasure and excitement to welcome all of you to Pune, where the 12th Annual National Conference of Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy, organized jointly by IACP and Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital (Academic Partner) will be hosted. The conference will be held from 10th to 12th of November 2017, at Yashada (Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration), Pune.


Paedaitric Neurology Department,7th Floor, C wing

Deenananth Mangeshkar Hospital

Erandwane,Pune 411004

Mob.No: 9881794542 / 98922045806